Soul Training with Papa Joe

Yesterday Judy and I took our two year old granddaughter Camille Hoang to a playground. She tripped and bumped her side on the bench we were sitting on. Judy picked her up and held when she cried softly and look quite sad. After a few minutes she got down from Judy’s lap and walked about 10 feet and lied in the grass holding her teddy bear close. Camille has learned one way of returning to joy by calming her heart and comforting herself. We waited about five minutes until she was ready to play again. I too am learning how to return to joy when I get angry, afraid, sad, disgusted, ashamed or hopeless. Joy is a pervasive sense of well being. Joy is what I experience when someone is glad to be with me and wants to be together with me.

About pastorjoejohnson

Heart of the Father Ministry Founder and Director
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