During our Grace HB Prayer Gathering I invited everyone to share a “sphere of faith” where they experience God’s grace (power) and confidence in Jesus expecting our prayers to be answered. One sphere of faith for me is praying for someone to receive Jesus’ love and healing in a painful memory.  One person named her family as her sphere of faith.  She memorized a prayer from Richard Foster’s book “Prayer-Finding the Heart’s True Home” which she prays every day, “By the authority of almighty God I surround _______ with the light of Christ, I cover _______ with the blood of Christ, and I seal ________ with the cross of Christ. All dark and evil spirits must now leave. No influence is allowed to come near to _________but that it is first filtered through the light of Jesus Christ in whose name I pray. Amen.” What is your sphere of faith?

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Heart of the Father Ministry Founder and Director
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