Challenging Words Accompanied with Love

I am enjoying preparing for a sermon I am preaching at NHLC in Roseville, MN, Nov. 10-11. My assigned text for the series, “Words with Friends.” is Mark 10:17-22. Different sermon themes are words of honesty, confession, encouragement, and challenge(my assignment). The story of Jesus’ love encounter with the rich young ruler includes one of my favorite Bible verses “Jesus looked at him with love (agape”). This is how I want to interact with people, to look them in the eye intently with love. Jesus words may include a challenge to help us connect to our hearts. He wants the young man to realize that he is trusting in his riches to save him or for his identity. When Jesus looks at us he is never mad at us. He may be angry at abuse we have experienced (e.g. cleansing the temple). Jesus always abandoned outcomes to Father so he is free to release the young man and let him go without getting him to change. He does not push to get his way. I am thankful for friends who challenge me with words accompanied with love.

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