Heart of the Father Ministry, June 2014 Favorite FB Posts

Heart of the Father Ministry, June 2014 Favorite FB Posts 

FB friends, chosen, holy and dearly loved. I bless you in 2014 with the best, the very best year of your life. I bless you with a Holy Spirit empowered experience of being chosen by God who has always wanted you to know Jesus’ love, love that is stronger than fear, death, suffering. I bless you with truth you are “holy” set apart, consecrated, dedicated for kingdom life. I bless you with an experience of being dearly loved by Father who is always near. In the name, the name above all names, name which saves of Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Amen—woohoo!”

Receiving Holy Spirit

My favorite names for Holy Spirit are Helper and Strengthener. “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever.” I am thankful for Pastor Herb Mjorud evangelist for the Evangelical Lutheran Church who laid hands on me in 1962 to receive the Holy Spirit. This experience was an earthquake to my soul, transformed my relationship to God. I longed for God’s Word so strongly I took a break from Concordia College to spend a year at LBI in Teaneck, NJ studying the Bible. During the Jeremiah class I sensed God calling me to be a pastor. I was on a pre-med track the first 2 years of college to be a medical doctor. Instead I became a doctor of the soul.

Hate the sin in ourselves

Jesus never taught us to love the sinner and hate the sin in the sinner. He taught us to love one another as He loved us (sinners) and to hate the sin in ourselves, “Remove the log in your eye before you can see clearly to remove the speck in the one we are judging.

Holding shame at bay during inner healing prayer

When I pray for inner healing my goal is to hold shame at bay long enough in order to hear what Jesus wants the person to know and release freedom from the lies and strongholds that hold the person captive. We disarm and heal shame through unconditional love and acceptance and sometimes through deliverance. Shame loses its grip on us when we affirm our identity as one whom Jesus loves and is glad to be with, delights in us.

The dreamer in us stops dreaming

What do you do when you wake up the day after your best dreams die? You wake up, you’re still alive, and you have to go on and you don’t know why or how to live without the dreams. The dreamer in us stops dreaming and we wonder if Jesus will ever give us another one. Do we have the strength to risk dreaming knowing how devastating it is to experience what we hoped would happen, thought would happen, believed would happen, were sure would happen DID NOT HAPPEN. Habakkuk 3:17 “Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines,though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food,…..” We let the dreams go, we grieve the loss of our dreams, we name what we lost, what did not happen. We ask Jesus to bring to life the dreamer in us that stopped living. We ask for grace to dream again. We choose to declare, …”yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior.The Sovereign Lord is my strength (Habakkuk 3:18).

Embrace the suffering of grieving loss

Feeling sad when we lose a loved one may trigger trauma and grief from previous losses. I encourage clients to embrace the suffering of grieving losses. When I stay current with my losses, grieving the little ones as well as big ones, i am less likely to be overwhelmed by “triggering”. When Judy and I were evacuated from the White Mountains in 2002 because of the fires we said “Goodbye” to our house as we drove out of the driveway. Jesus said, “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted” (Matthew 5:4). Before I became a serious apprentice of Jesus’ teaching through Dallas I believed it was a blessing to mourn so that we could be comforted. That may be true. However this is not what Jesus was teaching in the beatitudes. He is saying, “Even if you’re grieving a loss the comfort of participating in God’s kingdom is available to you.

Affirming our identity

I believe one of the central events in Jesus’ life was his baptism when he heard God say, “You are my beloved son!” This was like an earthquake in the human soul of Jesus. Jesus affirmed his identity when He prayed to God using a child’s word for “Daddy”, “Abba”. When Jesus taught his 12 apprentices to pray he began, “Our Abba, our dear Father.” Praying the “Our Father” is one way we affirm our identity.

Favorite prayers I learned from Dallas and Jane Willard

I listen closely to others to learn how to pray, especially when they are praying for healing. A favorite I learned from Dallas, “My prayer for you is that you would have a rich life of joy and power, abundant in supernatural results, with a constant, clear vision of never-ending life in God’s world before you, and of the everlasting significance of your work day by day. A radiant life and death.” At breakfast Jane Willard and Dallas Willard would pray, ”Father, make us the kind of persons that would make other people glad that God made the world and he put us in it.”

The gift of tears

I am looking above my computer seeing raindrops on my window which remind me of big tears, crocodile tears. I believe God has given me the gift of tears. Tears are liquid prayer. Tears help us experience intimacy with God and often are a response to the presence of the Holy Spirit, feeling loved by our dear Father and Jesus always near, our best friend. The Syrian Fathers wanted tears to be a sacrament in the Church. Saint Ephraim goes so far as to say until you have cried you don’t know God.Women live longer than men, perhaps because they are freer to express tears. Tears go with many different feelings–anger, sadness, joy, love, fear, depression, hope. Tears flowing now as I am listening to John Michael Talbot sing “Holy is your name”.







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