Thought Rhyming with God

Bbliography: Joyful Journey: Listening to Immanuel, Wilder, Kang, Loppnow. “photos, Ed Khouri

Poetry in Scripture does not rhyme sounds; it follows the Hebrew pattern and rhymes thoughts. Psalm 27:1 “The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?” The second line is a thought rhyme not a word rhyme. We are God’s “poetry” (poiema”) Ephesians 2:10. This means that as God’s poetry, our thoughts can rhyme with God’s thoughts.

Often in conversation we easily finish each others sentences and thoughts. In a mutual mind state we are not sure where our thoughts stop and the other person’s thoughts begin. The structure in the brain called the cingulate cortex makes it possible for meaningful communication to occur between two different minds by establishing a mutual-mind state. When establishing a mutual-mind state, we learn to think and feel the way people we love think and feel.

The interesting aspect of the mutual-mind state in the brain is that it works faster than the conscious mind so that we are never sure whether a mutual-mind thought is theirs or ours. This is what happens with God when we ak and listen for God’s response to something we appreciate (Immanuel Journaling). We expect a similarity between God-thoughts and our thoughts.

Thoughts that rhyme with God’s thoughts produce shalom (peace). Shalom is a state of harmony where everything works together, makes sense and is good. Shalom is the “peace of Christ” which rules in our hearts. Shalom acts like a referee in our lives who “stops the action” every time shalom is missing. The Greek word “brabeuo” literally means “sit asan umpire”. The rule for our life and relationships is that everything is in shalom. This happens when we are synchronized with God’s thoughts, when our thoughts rhyme with God’s thoughts. A shalom check tests for the witness of Holy Spirit within us and between us, whether we accept what we have written as truth about ourselves and if our experience matches God’s character as revealed in Scripture.

Shalom checklist

  • Do I feel peacefully calm
  • Am I sensing God’s loving presence?
  • Am I confident that nothing will take me away from God’s love?
  • Am I portraying my weakness accurately?
  • Am I still sensing God’s interactive presence in my painful memory?
  • Have my joy, peace and hope increased?
  • Has my desire to love and serve others increased?
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Favorite FB Posts Nov 2014-Feb 2015

Favorite FB Posts November 2014-February 2015

Healing of depression

We receive the gift of longer days (one more hour of sunlight) coming soon. A friend who has been suffering with depression shared recently that he dreaded Daylight Savings Time because the days were longer. This year he is thankful he is not feeling this dread of longer days. God is healing his depression. I speak hope and healing to those who are suffering with depression, especially from grief or loss, that the dread of longer days will be lifted and you will feel like yourself again.

Speaking Romans 8 from memory 

Yesterday during a Memorial Service for Bill Bugey at Grace HB I read the assigned Scripture readings. I spoke Romans 8:31-39 from memory which enabled me to make eye contact as I was speaking the Word of God. I could see people were receiving this word like we sometimes receive a “prophesy” a prophetic “now” word for that day. I introduced the Scripture readings by saying, “The same Holy Spirit who inspired these readings is here now to comfort and strengthen you. Holy Spirit is our Comforter, Strengthener, Helper.” Speaking a passage of Scripture from memory seems to provide a way for Holy Spirit to empower and anoint the Word of God. I am continually amazed and blessed doing this.

Your Majesty

Teresa of Avila’s favorite way of addressing God was “His Majesty!” I am thankful for her model of being a disciple of Jesus. I would change it to be “Your Majesty”. This helps me experience intimacy with God.”God’s love never had a beginning, but in it we have our beginning.”

Experiencing God’s Loving Presence

Julian of Norwich I am grateful that as long as I can remember I have experienced God’s loving presence, especially with Jesus, Immanuel. And then when I was 19 I met Holy Spirit who overwhelmed me with God’s love poured into my heart,spirit, will, mind, thoughts, feelings, soul and body (Romans 5:5). I especially enjoy participating in the love Holy Spirit, Jesus and our dear Father have for each other.

Beauty and Suffering Pierce the Heart

John Eldridge writes in his book, Journey of Desire, a quote from Simone Weil, “Beauty and suffering are the only two things that can pierce our hearts.” A recent study in “Emotions” stated that awe or wonder are good for our health. Anne Lamott describes 3 ways of praying,”Thank you, help and wow!” The “wow” prayer would be an expression of awe or wonder. Two years ago I experienced for the first time the Midnight Sun in Tromsø, Norway. I wasJohn Eldridge writes in his book, Journey of Desire, a quote from Simone Weil, “Beauty and suffering are the only two things that can pierce our hearts.” A recent study in “Emotions” stated that awe or wonder are good for our health. Anne Lamott describes 3 ways of praying,”Thank you, help and wow!” The “wow” prayer would be an expression of awe or wonder. Two years ago I experienced for the first time the Midnight Sun in Tromsø. I was surprised when tears started flowing during this awe filled moment.

Our First Freedom

The first freedom I have is the power to choose what I will allow my mind are living in the kingdom of the heavens) to dwell upon. Paul writes, “Since you have been raised with Christ (now set your hearts and minds on things that are above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.” Colossians 3:1-2. When I set my mind on God revealed in the Word of God, I want to love God with all my heart, mind, soul and strength (body). The simple lyrics, “Jesus loves me, this I know; for the Bible tells me so” provide a narrative that overcomes false ideas of who God is.

Reflection Questions for our Experiences of Testing

In today’s Gospel Jesus is driven by Holy Spirit to be “tested” in the desert. I invited everyone in my spiritual formation class to write answers to these questions (1) Name experiences of being “tested”–dark night of the soul, desert times, wounding, suffering of any kind, stuck places, unanswered prayer (2) From where do you get your strength when you are “tested”? (3) What are gifts God gave you as you received healing and overcame the suffering? I invited everyone to answer one or more of the questions, with permission to pass. This helped provide a safe place to share intimate stories. We also shared tissues for tears and received love from one another. My experience is people are longing for a safe place to do this.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Wedding Sermon

I am thankful for Roman Catholic followers of Jesus who celebrate marriage as a sacrament. German Lutheran pastor, theologian, and Christian martyr, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, was a champion for marriage. He wrote from a Nazi prison to his niece before her wedding: “Marriage is more than your love for each other. . . . In your love you see only the heaven of your own happiness, but in marriage you are placed in a post of responsibility toward the world and mankind. Your love is your own private possession, but marriage is more than something personal—it is a status, an office….It is not your love that sustains your marriage, but from now on, the marriage that sustains your love.” Andrew Comisky, evangelical pastor and author of “Strength in Weakness”, is a contemporary champion for marriage. He is recently celebrated the sacrament of confirmation as a Catholic Christian. He wanted to be yoked with followers of Jesus who carry the weight of this call to champion marriage.

Empathy is an Antidote to Shame

“Empathy is an antidote to shame. Empathy is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence. Empathy is connecting with love by being with a person without condemning, judging or shaming. When Jesus prophesies over Peter that he is going to deny him he does not shame him. He prays for Peter that when this happens he will be restored. After being raised from the dead Jesus finds Peter fishing and connects with Peter ‘s heart when he asks three times, “Do you love me?” Each time Peter responds, ‘You know I love you.” Jesus provides an opportunity for Peter to disidentify with a shameful identity, “I am the kind of person who denies Jesus.” His true identity is “I am a lover of Jesus.” “I am the kind of person in whom Jesus expresses confidence, “Feed my sheep, you are a loving shepherd!”

The Healing Power and Blessing  of Touch

I am the kind of person who thrives on touching people with love through healing prayer with laying on of hands, speaking blessings, holding hands, all kinds of hugs, hand on a shoulder, fist bumps for kids. Years ago a nurse discovered through research that touch increased the hemoglobin content of the blood (which carries oxygen). MPPC tweeted these John Ortberg quotes on the power of touch; “Simply the power of touch, a hug, a hand on a shoulder…can bring healing to another soul. A touch can communicate an expression of love we could never put into word. To touch in love is to bless. Touch is never simply physical. It involves a spiritual connection because we are spiritual beings.”

February Ole and Lena Joke

My February joke never told before. A hooded robber burst into a bank in Lake Wobegon, Minnesota. He yelled at all the tellers to fill his sack with cash. Quickly moving toward the exit a brave Lake Wobegan resident pulled off his hood so she could see his face clearly and he immediately shot her. The robber turns back to others in the bank and looks at a teller who sees his face and he shoots him. Everyone is frozen in fear and silence looking down. The robber asks, ‘Did anyone else see my face?’ Ole raises his hand and says, “I think my wife Lena might have got a good look at you

Personal Testimony of Healing of Father’s Love

I appreciate all your prayers for doing Jesus’ ministry in Arizona. I received a FB post after being with the Vineyard Gilbert Church.   “Thank you so much for your sermon and ministry at The Vineyard in Gilbert, AZ. Your father prayer and anointing for the congregation was extremely moving. As you prayed for me, I experienced the love of my Father as no other. Your embrace as I wept and you prayer in tongues unleashed in me a gratefulness that I have not ever experienced before. Thank you and bless you.”

January 2015 Joke, “One Thing I don’t Like about Jesus”

My first joke for 2015. How blessed you are. Ole is enjoying his studies at Bible school. His wife Lena tells Ole her strong opinion about drinking wine, very opposed to Christians doing this, big sin. Jesus was against it. Ole is unsuccessful in changing her mind. Then he has a great idea from his Bible School studies,He says to Lena, “How about Jesus, changing all that water into wine.” Lena says, “Ya, that’s one thing I don’t like about Jesus.”

Accessing the Kingdom

The kingdom of God is real, I access the kingdom when I read Scripture expecting God has something utterly personal to say to me. “It is not only God’s Word for the Church, but also God’s Word for us individually. We expose ourselves to the specific word until it addresses us personally. And when we do this, we are doing no more than the simplest, untutored Christian does every day; we read God’s Word as God’s Word for us.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together, 82. What are some the ways you are accessing the kingdom of God?

2015 New Years Blessing

My 2015 New Years Blessing to all you beloved FB peeps! “I bless you with anticipation of “earthquake” experiences of God’s love, like the earthquake in Jesus’ soul when He heard our dear Father always near say to Him, “You are my son, I love you!” I bless you with surprises in your conversation with God, serendipitous moments when God’s loving presence is near and manifest and you hear clearly and know this is God speaking to you”

Wearing Love

I am stripping off my old self with its practices (ill fitting stuff) and putting on a new self. I am wearing love, it is my all-purpose garment. I never want to be without it. My love wardrobe includes virtues of compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength and long suffering. I am strong because I live in the kingdom and because of who I am, “the one Jesus loves!” “one in whom Christ dwells and delights!’I am practicing humility by (1) not pretending I know more than I do or mislead by exaggerating my successes or what I know to look good (2) not presuming by judging a person’s motives, I assume persons have good reasons (in their mind) for doing what they do (3) not pushing to get my way, have the last word, instead wait for Holy Spirit to speak to a person, let go of my pride when I don’t get my way.

The Person I am Becoming

This is so good that I am posting it again. “The main thing God gets out of my life is the person I am becoming. And the main thing I get out of my life is the person I am becoming.” Last May I began my 8th decade doing soul keeping. When I was five years old I remember doing “devotions” alongside a creek in Canton, South Dakota with my best friend. I told Bernie if Jesus was on the other side of the creek I would walk on the water to be with Him. I believed Jesus would help me do this

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Heart of the Father Ministry, June 2014 Favorite FB Posts

Heart of the Father Ministry, June 2014 Favorite FB Posts 

FB friends, chosen, holy and dearly loved. I bless you in 2014 with the best, the very best year of your life. I bless you with a Holy Spirit empowered experience of being chosen by God who has always wanted you to know Jesus’ love, love that is stronger than fear, death, suffering. I bless you with truth you are “holy” set apart, consecrated, dedicated for kingdom life. I bless you with an experience of being dearly loved by Father who is always near. In the name, the name above all names, name which saves of Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Amen—woohoo!”

Receiving Holy Spirit

My favorite names for Holy Spirit are Helper and Strengthener. “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever.” I am thankful for Pastor Herb Mjorud evangelist for the Evangelical Lutheran Church who laid hands on me in 1962 to receive the Holy Spirit. This experience was an earthquake to my soul, transformed my relationship to God. I longed for God’s Word so strongly I took a break from Concordia College to spend a year at LBI in Teaneck, NJ studying the Bible. During the Jeremiah class I sensed God calling me to be a pastor. I was on a pre-med track the first 2 years of college to be a medical doctor. Instead I became a doctor of the soul.

Hate the sin in ourselves

Jesus never taught us to love the sinner and hate the sin in the sinner. He taught us to love one another as He loved us (sinners) and to hate the sin in ourselves, “Remove the log in your eye before you can see clearly to remove the speck in the one we are judging.

Holding shame at bay during inner healing prayer

When I pray for inner healing my goal is to hold shame at bay long enough in order to hear what Jesus wants the person to know and release freedom from the lies and strongholds that hold the person captive. We disarm and heal shame through unconditional love and acceptance and sometimes through deliverance. Shame loses its grip on us when we affirm our identity as one whom Jesus loves and is glad to be with, delights in us.

The dreamer in us stops dreaming

What do you do when you wake up the day after your best dreams die? You wake up, you’re still alive, and you have to go on and you don’t know why or how to live without the dreams. The dreamer in us stops dreaming and we wonder if Jesus will ever give us another one. Do we have the strength to risk dreaming knowing how devastating it is to experience what we hoped would happen, thought would happen, believed would happen, were sure would happen DID NOT HAPPEN. Habakkuk 3:17 “Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines,though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food,…..” We let the dreams go, we grieve the loss of our dreams, we name what we lost, what did not happen. We ask Jesus to bring to life the dreamer in us that stopped living. We ask for grace to dream again. We choose to declare, …”yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior.The Sovereign Lord is my strength (Habakkuk 3:18).

Embrace the suffering of grieving loss

Feeling sad when we lose a loved one may trigger trauma and grief from previous losses. I encourage clients to embrace the suffering of grieving losses. When I stay current with my losses, grieving the little ones as well as big ones, i am less likely to be overwhelmed by “triggering”. When Judy and I were evacuated from the White Mountains in 2002 because of the fires we said “Goodbye” to our house as we drove out of the driveway. Jesus said, “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted” (Matthew 5:4). Before I became a serious apprentice of Jesus’ teaching through Dallas I believed it was a blessing to mourn so that we could be comforted. That may be true. However this is not what Jesus was teaching in the beatitudes. He is saying, “Even if you’re grieving a loss the comfort of participating in God’s kingdom is available to you.

Affirming our identity

I believe one of the central events in Jesus’ life was his baptism when he heard God say, “You are my beloved son!” This was like an earthquake in the human soul of Jesus. Jesus affirmed his identity when He prayed to God using a child’s word for “Daddy”, “Abba”. When Jesus taught his 12 apprentices to pray he began, “Our Abba, our dear Father.” Praying the “Our Father” is one way we affirm our identity.

Favorite prayers I learned from Dallas and Jane Willard

I listen closely to others to learn how to pray, especially when they are praying for healing. A favorite I learned from Dallas, “My prayer for you is that you would have a rich life of joy and power, abundant in supernatural results, with a constant, clear vision of never-ending life in God’s world before you, and of the everlasting significance of your work day by day. A radiant life and death.” At breakfast Jane Willard and Dallas Willard would pray, ”Father, make us the kind of persons that would make other people glad that God made the world and he put us in it.”

The gift of tears

I am looking above my computer seeing raindrops on my window which remind me of big tears, crocodile tears. I believe God has given me the gift of tears. Tears are liquid prayer. Tears help us experience intimacy with God and often are a response to the presence of the Holy Spirit, feeling loved by our dear Father and Jesus always near, our best friend. The Syrian Fathers wanted tears to be a sacrament in the Church. Saint Ephraim goes so far as to say until you have cried you don’t know God.Women live longer than men, perhaps because they are freer to express tears. Tears go with many different feelings–anger, sadness, joy, love, fear, depression, hope. Tears flowing now as I am listening to John Michael Talbot sing “Holy is your name”.







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Blessings and Jokes

Blessings and Jokes

Two of my favorite things to do are give blessings and tell jokes.  Almost every Sunday for 42 years pastoring Lutheran Congregations in California and Arizona I gave the Aaronic Blessing at the close of worship. “The Lord bless you and keep you (safe)  The Lord make his face to shine (smile) on you, and be gracious (give favor)  to you;  the Lord lift up his countenance upon you (look straight at you) , and give you peace .” Numbers 6:24-26. This is the blessing Moses instructed his brother, Aaron to place on the people of Israel. I heard Dallas Willard defines blessing as  “the projection of good into the life of another. It isn’t just words. It’s the actual putting forth of your will for the good of another person. It always involves God, because when you will the good of another person, you realize only God is capable of bringing that. So we naturally say, “God bless you.”

Blessing is a way of imparting something to the one we bless. Paul writes, “I am longing to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you—so that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” Romans 1:11-12. My mother, Gladys Gundersen, Johnson, died in 2003 at the age of 101.  Mom was continually expecting prayers to be answered .  She  prayed over me  that I would receive an impartation of her Spirit anointing in prayer.   I am looking forward to 30 mores years of living in that impartation.

Here are some blessings I posted on Face book

Father’s Day 2013, I bless each one of you FB friends with father’s love and our dear Father’s love. I bless you with the kind of embrace from our dear Father in the heavens that the running father gives his dearly loved son in Jesus’ parable. He throws his arms around his son and keeps on kissing him with lots of joy and delight. I bless you with the words Jesus received from his Dad, “I love you, my dearly loved one!” Papa Joe

FB friends, chosen, holy and dearly loved. I bless you in 2014 with the best, the very best year of your life. I bless you with a Holy Spirit empowered experience of being chosen by God who has always wanted you to know Jesus’ love, love that is stronger than fear, death, suffering. I bless you with truth you are “holy” set apart, consecrated, dedicated for kingdom life. I bless you with an experience of being dearly loved by Father who is always near. In the name, the name above all names, name which saves of Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Amen—woohoo!

I bless you with laughter and joy with some Ole and Lena jokes

Ole was worried when his wife became seriously ill.  He phoned 911 to ask for help.  The 911 person asked Ole to give his address.  He said I live on Eucalyptus street.  The 911 person asked, “Could you spell that?”  There was a long pause and finally Ole responded, “What if I drag her down to Oak street and you pick her up there.”

 Ole and Lena were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Ole had some hearing loss. Lena says to Ole, “Ole I am so proud of you!” Ole responds “What did you say?” She tells him again, “Ole I am so proud of you.” Again Ole responds, “What did you say?” Lena did not give up she tells him one more time, “Ole I am so proud of you.” Ole responds, “Ya, I am a little tired of you too Lena.”

Ole and Lena are a happily married couple. Around midnight, Sven, the town Sheriff, receives a phone call telling Sven that he has to go into town because his friend Ole is in the town square stark naked. Sven is not happy about this but said he would go find out why his friend Ole is in town stark naked. Sure enough he finds Ole just as reported. He asks Ole, “What are you doing in the middle of town stark naked?” Ole says, “Yah, Lena and I enjoyed a little too much Aquavit (whiskey) and she says to me, “Ole, let’s take off our clothes and go to town”–Ole says to Seven, “And I am the first one here.”

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One “word” from God changed my life!

One word I hear God saying changes my life.  I can go for at least a month and perhaps a life time when I receive a revelation, calling, Scripture promise, sign, dream, prophetic word, through which God is speaking to me. I am preparing for a spiritual formation class I am facilitating tomorrow.  We will discuss the liturgical readings (Isaiah 60; Eph 3;Matthew 2) for Epiphany There is a red thread of God speaking In the readings we see God speaking through (1) PROPHETIC PROMISES “Nations (Gentiles) will come to your light, kings to your brightness with gold, frankincense… they saw the child in the arms of Mary…presenting gifts, gold, frankincense, myrrh”; SIGNS “star in the east”  DREAMS “In a dream, they were warned.” REVELATION AND CALLING , “…I, Paul, having taken up the cause of you outsiders (Gentiles)…I got the inside story on this from God himself…. This is my life work…It came as a sheer gift to me, a real surprise.”  COUNSEL OF OTHERS, “Herod gathered all the high priests and religion scholars in the city together and asked, “Where is the Messiah supposed to be born?”They told him, “Bethlehem.”  I received a ‘word” from God through friend with a prophetic gifting  25 years ago that God is giving me a ministry/gifting for healing the brokenhearted.  This word changed my life becoming my life message.


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Teaching Outline: Healing and Restoring Relationships by Forgiving

Learning How to Pray with Others, School of Ministry, January 6 & 13, 2014
Radiant Church, Huntington Beach, CA
 Healing and Restoring Our Relationships: Forgiving One Another
Dr. Joe Johnson, Heart of the Father Ministry, 714-756-0088

Eph. 4:32; instead be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.
Colossians 3:13 Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.
Matthew 18: 21-30 Parable of the unforgiving servant.

Two different Greek words for forgiveness.
Aphiemi, Which means to let go, send away or release (Hebrews 9:22)
Charizomai, which has charis (grace) as its root.  This word means to give freely, grant forgiveness, show kindness unconditionally
Forgiveness is:
A choice we make as an act of the will.  Forgiveness is not a feeling.
To obey God.  Jesus commanded us to forgive as we have been forgiven. It is not a suggestion or an option (Matthew 6:15).
Through the power of the Holy Spirit – supernatural—we need the power of the Holy Spirit to forgive.
Letting go of resentments, hurts, debts and the right to get even.
Releasing what happens next to God.

Reasons why we forgive
Jesus commands us (Mark 11:25)
We become like Jesus. Jesus has already forgiven the offender.
We keep our heart open to receive mercy and forgiveness
Unlock the door to healing and freedom
Positive health effects
Outsmart the devil (2 Cor. 2:10-11)

Steps to forgive others from the heart? (Matthew 18:35)
1.  Receive God’s mercy and forgiveness (Romans 5:1-2). The parable of the “Running Father” (Luke 15:11-32).
2. Face the facts. Name the wrongdoing.
3.  Feel the hurt. It is possible to forgive too soon.
4.  Confront our anger, fear, resentment or hatred.
5. Release those who have wronged us. Let them off the hook. Surrender our right to get even. Transfer what happens next to God.
6.  Affirm the humanity of the wrong doer. Wish our wrongdoer well.
7. Long for reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:17-21).

Other factors that help us forgive;
1. Forgiveness is often a progression or process. We go through stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.
2. Fear of losing control hinders progress in forgiveness and mires us in the desire to punish. The more we focus on safety in the Father’s arms, the easier it is to release offenders
3. Forgiving is easier than not forgiving because we if we don’t, people have “free rent” in our head.
4. Picture offenders as little children who are being hurt by their friends, family of origin or others.
5. We may need to forgive ourselves and God.

Five Love Languages for apologizing which help others forgive one another.
Chapman and Thomas
1. Expressing regret “I am sorry”
2. Accepting responsibility  “I was wrong”
3. Making restitution ‘What can I do to make it right?”  Making amends
4. Repenting “I am committed to change and be loving
5. Requesting forgiveness,  “I ask you to forgive me for _________(be specific)

7. Identify reasons we do not forgive
The offense was too great.
The person will not accept responsibility for the offense.
The person is not asking for forgiveness.
The person will do it again.
I do not like the person.
The person did it deliberately.
If I forgive the offense, I will have to treat the offender well.
Someone has to punish the person.
Something keeps me from forgiving.
I do not want to forget what happened
I do not trust God to take care of it.
I have not received forgiveness

7.  What forgiveness is not:  Forgiveness does not mean
We will stop hurting.
That we will forget.
Pretending that it didn’t hurt.
Approving or excusing the person’s behavior
Saying the offense is of no importance. Saying I am of no importance
Trusting the person again.  A commitment to relate in the future
Demanding changes before we forgive.
Denying our feelings of anger
Believing that it is OK with God that it happened
Believing that I may not tell the other person how angry I am
Believing I will feel better after forgiving.

8. Forgiving doesn’t force us to live without boundaries. We may choose to limit participation or access with former offenders if their behavior is harmful. We clean only our own side of the street and let the other side be as that person chooses.

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A new mentor in my life, Pope Francis

I have a new hero /mentor in my life,”Pope Francis the Revolutionary”. Author George Weigel writes, “Nine months into his papacy, the pontiff has made clear his aim to restore the church’s original evangelical passion..… First and foremost, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a radically converted Christian disciple who has known the mercy of God in his own life and who wants to enable others to share that experience—and the healing and joy that come from friendship with the Lord Jesus Christ. ….Pope Francis is a revolutionary. The revolution he proposes, however, is not a matter of economic or political prescription, but a revolution in the self-understanding of the Catholic Church: a re-energizing return to the pentecostal fervor and evangelical passion from which the church was born two millennia ago, and a summons to mission that accelerates the great historical transition from institutional-maintenance Catholicism to the Church of the New Evangelization”.

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